RU-iN Dialogue

  • Help us truly leverage our diversity and promote democratic principles and engaged citizenship.

  • We aim to provide RU-N community members with the tools and skills necessary to transform their environments and to foster educational spaces in which all members of our diverse community can thrive.

  • Through our initiatives, we will focus on three main campus constituents: students, faculty, and staff.

Opportunities for Students

Title of Program/Initiative: Social Justice & Leadership Overnight Weekend Retreat
Opened to: All undergraduates at RU-N are welcome!
Summary: RU ready to be the change you want to see?  If so, RU-N is looking for students who are motivated to participate in dialogue between diverse communities on campus.  We urge you to apply if you are interested in social justice activism and advocacy, leadership development, facilitating difficult dialogue and /or want to become a change agent on campus!
Date/s: November 3rd-5th
Location: Frost Valley YMCA, Catskill Mountains (Free bus transportation provided)
How to apply: by Tuesday, October 17th at 5 pm!
For More Information Contact:Yoleidy Rosario at
Sponsors: The Office of Student Affairs, the Chancellors Office, and the LGBTQ & Intercultural Resource Center


Title of Program/Initiative: D-MECCa Skill Building & Training Series: Building Awareness of Social Inequities
Opened to: All undergraduate and graduate students welcome!
Summary: This initiative proactively provides educational and advocacy platforms that promotes diversity and acceptance across Rutgers University-Newark’s campus. Student facilitators will design and facilitate dialogue workshops focused on a variety of social justice topics including, but not limited to: power, microaggressions, social group identities, cross cultural communication, classism and privilege, LGBTQ communities, race and ethnicity, immigration and xenophobia, and intercultural team-building.
Date/s: On-going
How to apply to become a Student Dialogue Facilitator & Diversity Peer Educator:
For More Information Contact: Yoleidy Rosario at 

Title of Program/Initiative: Campus Dialogue Series (Mosaic Voices; Reel Talk; Justice, Activism, and Belonging (JAB))

Summary: The LGBTQ and Intercultural Resource Center provides the RU-N community with two distinctive campus dialogue series focused on power imbalances within and between social identity groups. Facilitators engage participants in complex dialogue to deepen understanding of social identities in the context of systems oppression; to explore the impact of social inequities on micro, macro, intersectional, community, cultural, institutional, and societal levels; to have honest conversations surrounding power and privilege that will challenge and support participant’s journey towards personal and interpersonal growth; to practice dialogue skills toward identifying actions to address social justice issues; and to build an embracive intercultural and democratic community.
Date/s: On-going
How to apply to become a Student Dialogue Facilitator & Diversity Peer Educator:
For More Information Contact: Yoleidy Rosario at

Opportunities for Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Students

Primarily designed for Faculty & Graduate Students

Utilizing the P3 Collaboratory as a vehicle, we will focus on the development of pedagogical skills and approaches to managing intergroup conflicts and dialogues in the classroom. The P3 Collaboratory is a comprehensive faculty development center that is housed in John Cotton Dana Library. Its goal is to provide wide-ranging support to emerging (Ph.D. students), new and seasoned faculty to improve teaching excellence and scholarship (particularly collaborative high impact scholarship), develop leadership and other professional skills, while enhancing work-life balance.

Title of Program/Initiative: Teaching excellence program through ACUE’s Teaching Effectiveness for Student Success program
This semester-long course is a hybrid program that combines online content with in-person cohort meetings to foster and support effective teaching practices. The curriculum has 25 fully online modules covering five content areas, including: designing an effective course and class, establishing a productive classroom environment, using active learning techniques, promoting higher order thinking, and using assessments to effectively inform instruction and promote learning. Course takers independently view the online module(s) for the week, try out one or more new techniques, and then connect online with other members of their cohort to discuss their experience and refine their techniques. Once a month, course takers will meet to discuss their experiences and share what worked and didn’t work. This is a great opportunity to create a supportive learning community of educators.

At the end of the course, all participants receive a nationally recognized teaching certificate endorsed by ACUE and the American Council on Education (ACE) that serves as a clear marker of participants' commitment to teaching excellence beyond the traditional metric of student evaluations.

All Rutgers University-Newark teaching faculty, including tenured and tenure-track, NTTs and PTLs, and Ph.D. students are eligible to participate. Please note that the program works best for those who are teaching at least one class while they are enrolled in the Teaching Excellence program. Successful completion of the course requires a sustained commitment to the course content and to the other cohort members.

The application for Spring 2018 will be announced in late October/early November.

For More Information Contact: Santeka Grigley at
Sponsors: P3 Collaboratory

Title of Program/Initiative: Intergroup Dialogue Retreats for Faculty and Staff
We will host two intensive seminars/retreats (2 full days) focused on Intergroup Dialogue. Faculty and staff will experience the essential components of IGD in an intensive two-day program (Retreat 1) led by trained facilitators. The second retreat will focus on training faculty and staff to facilitate difficult conversations in their classrooms and work environments.
Date/s: Fall 2018 and Spring 2019
For More Information Contact: Santeka Grigley at

Opportunities for Staff

The Department of Human Resources in partnership with P3 at RU-N has developed a comprehensive plan to create opportunities for training and dialogue about issues of identity and inequity as they emerge in the workplace.  They have partnered with various staff members across different departments who have expertise in the areas of diversity training and intergroup dialogue to administer these programs and will also seek professional development opportunities for staff within HR to be trained.


Title of Program/Initiative: Supervisor Development and Academic Leadership Training Series on Equity & Inclusion
Opened to: All recently hired and recently promoted Supervisors
Summary: This Supervisor Development series will be a second module of the current Supervisors Essentials Certificate Program (SECP). The SECP is taught by subject matter experts; the program ensures that employees responsible for supervising at the university develop the essential knowledge, skills, and abilities to effectively move the organization forward by understanding the importance of the role of the supervisor, leadership style, supervisory communications, and clear performance standards. 

The Equity & Inclusion module will focus on providing our leaders with the necessary tools to facilitate conversations and engage in dialogue around social justice, advocacy, diversity and cultural competency.

Date/s: Fall 2018
Sponsors: Human Resources, The Office of Student Affairs, the Chancellor's Office, and P3 Collaboratory

Title of Program/Initiative: Staff Council
Opened to: Staff
Summary: The Staff Council is an advisory body that serves in such capacity to the Rutgers University-Newark Chancellor. The Staff Council’s primary responsibilities are Communication, Collaboration, Advising, Recognition, and Professional Development for all Rutgers University - Newark (hereinafter referred to as RU-N) staff. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to the ability:

1.   To listen to, pursue, and respond to the ideas and opinions of staff employees;
2.   To convey these ideas and opinions to the University administration;
3.   To collaborate with the the Rutgers University - Newark Chancellor to engage in a regular exchange on issues that affect staff employees;
4.   To keep employees informed about the movement forward on strategic plan initiatives and Staff Council items.


Date/s: July 2018
For More Information Contact: Arleska Castillo at or Virginia Caputo at
Sponsors: Human Resource