Giving Opportunities

Are you interested in making a gift to support LGBTQA students at Rutgers University?  Contact our Development Officers:

Irene O'Brien
, Vice Chancellor for Development

Rutgers–New Brunswick
Lavinia Boxill, Vice President for Development                        


Tracy Elliott, Assistant Chancellor Development
856-225-6324, ext. 177



We have several fundraising projects that serve LGBTQA students at Rutgers University:

LGBTQA Scholarship Fund
This fund was established to assist students with their academic persistence at the institution. Several need-based academic scholarships are granted each year to outstanding students who demonstrate academic acheivement and contribution to the LGBTQ community. 

LGBTQA Emergency Fund
This fund was established to provide assistance to LGBTQ students in crisis who are at risk of dropping out of the University.  Gifts designated to this fund are used to assist students with housing, meals, transportation to campus, co-payments for medical or mental health care, and other needs that may be creating a barrier for their continued enrollment at the institution.

LGBTQA Programs Fund
This fund was established to provide assistance to the LGBTQA Student Service Centers across Rutgers University.  Currently, the University operates the Center for Social Justice and LGBT Communities (New Brunswick) and the LGBTQ & Diversity Resource Center (Newark).  Gifts designated to this fund assist with operating costs for these units, such as the purchase of books/media, academic lectures, social events that benefit LGBTQA students, furnishings and construction projects to improve usability of resource centers for LGBTQ students, etc.