L.I.T Mentoring Program

Liberated Intersectional Truths Mentoring Program 




L.I.T. Program Description and Overview

The Center’s L.I.T. Mentoring Program was created in 2016 to help better prepare and assist mentees throughout their academic journey and to support an enriched and rewarding college experience.
The programs functions in two capacities. The first function is a peer to peer function where 1st & 2nd year students are matched up with a trained student mentor. During the mentees first two years in the program, they will be focused on transitioning to the university environment, identity development and building cultural competencies. The second function of the program is focused on professional, collegiate and experiential learning opportunities. During the 3rd and 4th year mentees are matched with both an alumni and faculty in their prospective fields. While alumni engage their mentees in dialogue around their career and discuss prospective opportunities, faculty mentors will aid the students in their collegiate development and graduate school opportunities. During these two years, mentees are also encouraged to explore internships and study abroad opportunities.


L.I.T. Program Goals 

For a new student, a college or university can be an exciting but also intimidating place. College campuses can also be a lonely place for a new student, especially if that student is the first in their family to go to college, the child of immigrant parents, or a member of a diverse community. Even simple things that experienced students take for granted can be challenging for a new student, such as finding classrooms and offices on campus, understanding school policies for registration for classes, and learning the special language of the college such as “syllabus,” “office hours “transfer and “prerequisites.” Some new students find the answers by directly asking professors in their classes or talking to college professional staff. But many students find out information by asking friends, especially more experienced students. 


L.I.T. Mentoring Program Values


We understand that our community is made up of a multitude of perspectives, ideas and identities. We value individualism. We honor and invite diversity in all of our programming.


We dedicate ourselves to working with peers as partners in creating a future of economic, educational and social possibility. We are dedicated to helping students become positive and productive members of society.


We provide an environment that honors and supports each person’s humanity and individuality. We do not tolerate negative attitudes or behaviors toward others. We encourage respect for oneself and the world around them.


We commit ourselves to furthering the evolution of each student so as to foster self-sufficiency, positive self-esteem, as well as strengthen leadership and professional skills. 


We work with both the R-N and Newark community in an effort to further awareness of diversity and LGBTQ issues to diminish marginalization from mainstream society and liberate the bodies and consciousness of our constituents.