Social Justice and Leadership Retreat

Social Justice and Leadership Retreat (SJLP) 

The Social Justice and Leadership Retreat is an annual opportunity and an immersive three-day retreat with a mission to cultivate leadership and facilitation skills among first and second year students who wish to foster dialogue between diverse communities on campus.


The retreat’s mission focuses on strengthening relationships and fostering intergroup dialogue between diverse communities on campus. Through cultivating leadership and facilitation skills, we seek to provide undergraduate students with a set of tools and experiences that will enrich their campus experience, and empower them to be change agents on campus and in the world. SJLR is a weekend designed to fortify participants in leadership roles at Rutgers University-Newark and beyond, to focus on shared experiences, and to critically examine various issues that relate to living in a multicultural and diverse community. These goals are accomplished through personal reflection and community building exercises. SJLR is designed for undergraduate students – both, those currently holding leadership positions and those interested in further involvement on campus. The retreat is planned and facilitated  by a group of administrators and students from various departments at RU-N.


Through exposure to theory and extensive experiential learning situations, students will accomplish the following:

  • Introductio to the dialogic model
  • Gain new knowledge around social justice issues
  • Sharpen skills of self-awareness
  • Learn how to integrate what students gain from the retreat into their lives and into the lives of others
  • Build next steps towards social justice and dialogue on campus



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